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Abbotsford Automated Dispatch - system down info
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Abbotsford Automated Dispatch - system down info


if the Abbotsford Automated Dispatch System link (at
https://ams.sd34.bc.ca/live/servlet/Broker ) is taking you to a 'page not found', or obvious error page, you can access the Automated Dispatch System by phone instead.
Here's how:


For Your Information

• All codes entered must be followed by pressing the # key

• Dates must be entered as YYYYMMDD

• Times must be entered as HHMM using the 24 hour clock

• Exit back to the Main Menu by pressing * then 1

• Increase the volume of AADS by pressing # and 3

• Decrease the volume of AADS by pressing # and 2



1. Call the AADS system phone number (604) 859-3006, enter your employee number and PIN number followed by the # key, press 1 for the Absence Logging option then press 1 to LOG AN ABSENCE.

2. Enter your ABSENCE REASON CODE followed by the # key.

3. The AADS system speaks your absence reason. To accept absence reason press 1, to re-enter the reason press 2, or to replay the reason press 3.

4. For a single day absence press 1, for a range of days (up to 3 days) press 2. Any requests longer than 3 days must go directly to Human Resources Dispatch (604) 852-2366, Extension 1253).

5. Enter the starting date you are absent as YYMMDD followed by the # key.

6. The AADS system speaks the dates absent. If the dates entered are correct press 1, to re-enter the dates press 2 or to replay the dates press 3.

7. The AADS system will now speak your absence information (schedule). Press 1 if the schedule is correct. Press 2 for specific hours. Press 3 to replay the schedule.

8. Press 1 if you require a replacement during your absence. Press 2 if you do not require a replacement.

Skip to step 13.

9. Press 1 if the replacement is needed for the entire absence, then skip to step 10. Press 2 if the replacement is only required for part of the absence.

Enter the replacement hours required. Press 1 for a full day, 2 for specific hours, 3 if a replacement is not required.

10. Enter the SUBJECT CODE followed by the # key. Enter the LEVEL CODE followed by the # key.

11. Press 1 to enter another SUBJECT and LEVEL or press 2 to continue to the next step.

12. Press 1 to leave a message for the replacement. Press 2 to skip this option.

13. Press 1 to finalize your absence. Press 2 to cancel your absence. Make a note of your AADS Absence ID number. To listen to your absence ID again press 1, to hang up press 2, to return to the main menu press 3.


– Please wait for the Automated Dispatch System to supply your Job ID#. You need the Job ID # to inquire, cancel or close your absence.

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