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Non-Catchment Requests
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Non-Catchment Requests

2012-2013 In District Non-Catchment Requests

(As of January 6, 2012)

Information to Parents and to Schools

Parents may make in-district non catchment requests as per Policy 9.150. The school district will continue to manage enrolment in overcrowded secondary schools. The school district has restricted the number of non-catchment requests of students entering W. J. Mouat Secondary School and Yale Secondary School and their feeder schools in order to reduce enrolment over time.
Students making non-catchment requests to schools in the W.J. Mouat Secondary family of schools (Mouat, Howe Middle, Chief Dan George Middle, Clearbrook, Bondar, Terry Fox, Ten Broeck, Maclure), or the Yale Secondary family of schools (Yale, W.A. Fraser Middle, Mountain, Upper Sumas, McMillan, Barrowtown, Margaret Stenersen, Prince Charles) should understand that the school district will monitor all non-catchment requests and will limit or deny requests into these schools.

This applies to all students including Kindergarten children whose families are making non-catchment requests for the 2012/13 school year. Those who are continuing as non-catchment students for next year need not re-apply.

The only students considered for enrolment in the W.J. Mouat or Yale families of schools are:
- students living within the school catchment;
- students from feeder schools within the family of schools;
- students continuing non-catchment (previously accepted);
- siblings of continuing non-catchment students;
- students who are accepted into district programs (academies, French Immersion)

Approvals for new in-district non-catchment requests will be governed by Policy 9.150:
1. As of January 16, 2012, parents may submit non-catchment requests for Kindergarten children, but they must first register in their catchment school.
2. As of February 1, 2012, students/parents may submit non-catchment requests for students in grades 1-12,
but they must first register in their catchment school.
3. Final approvals for out-of-catchment requests will be determined on June 15, 2012 for all requests Kindergarten – grade 12.
Residency and Guardianship: For the purposes of determining the student’s catchment school, please refer to district policy 9.150 School Catchment Areas, Appendix 9.150-2 Registration of New Students – Definitions (see "Downloads" below; includes request form and procedures and conditions.)
In brief:
1. A student’s home address shall be determined by where the ’parent’ is ordinarily resident.
2. A ‘parent’ is defined under the School Act as: 
    a. The legal guardian by birth or as assigned through a legal process; 
    b. The person(s) awarded custody by a court of law; 
    c. The person who normally has care and control of the child as determined by the Ministry
        of Children and Family Development (a Youth Agreement, or a foster parent for example.)
Where legal documents are in force regarding custody, guardianship, and access, parents are asked to briefly explain on the registration form, and to provide a copy to the school.
1. In-District Non Catchment Form and Procedures_jan2012B.pdf
2. Out of District Request Form-revised Jan 2012 2B.pdf

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