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Registration & Enrollment
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Registration & Enrollment

Registration Information

Thank you for your interest in the Abbotsford School District. Soon, you or your child will be part of an exciting learning adventure.

Registration dates

Although there are no set deadlines for enrolling your child in any one of the District's schools, there are some registration dates that you should know about:

NOTE: To register your child for Kindergarten for the 2012-2013 school year (starting September 2012), your child must turn 5 years of age between January 1 and December 31, 2012. Check here for latest information.

If you are new to the districtregistration commenced January 16, 2012.  Please stop by the school in your catchment area to register.
If you move into your neighbourhood during the school year, please stop by the school in your catchment area at any time during the school day to register.

Please click here to visit the district’s elementary, middle and secondary school profiles. To find out where your neighbourhood school is located, please use the School Locator link: 

School Locator

If you are not sure of your catchment area and the school(s) within it, please click here to access the school locator. (Please note you will be directed to a site not owned or managed by the
Abbotsford School District.)

 Registration Process:

Once you have determined which school your child will be attending, please contact the school directly to complete the registration process.

Information you will need when registering

All new students will be required to provide documentation to confirm residency, guardianship, age and citizenship. Please bring the following documents with you when registering:

  1. Proof of residency (acceptable documents include: utility bill, mortgage papers, tax assessment or rental agreement)
  2. Proof of your child’s age - provide one of the following:
    1. A certified copy of the child’s birth certificate
    2. Other reliable proof of the student’s identity and age ie. passport, baptismal certificate (must include birth date)  
  3. Immunization Record - Please visit British Columbia Health Guide for recommended immunizations.

Registration at School

You may fill out the registration form at the school in your catchment area. Please note: you will still need to take your
1) proof of residency
2) proof of child’s age and
3) immunization record with you when registering.
You can download the School Registration form here: (Note: you will need two legal size (8.5"x14") sheets of paper to print it out.)
- Word.doc version
- PDF version 

Enrollment Eligibility & Placement

The Abbotsford School District believes that every individual has the right to an education but recognizes there are a number of factors which may determine your child’s placement within the District.  If you have a question, request, or concern regarding your child’s learning needs, please contact the Principal of the school in your catchment area or the District office at 604.859.4891.

Further questions?

Please contact the Principal of the school in your catchment area, your school of interest or the District office at 604.859.4891 and we will be pleased  to assist  you in registering your child in the school that is best  for their learning needs.

Please click here to visit the district’s elementary, middle and secondary school websites.

Registration policies

The district's registration policies and procedures, are available using the following links:

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